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Consider sending students home with a list of the rules for parents to review, sign off on, and return to you. Michael Linsin or Smart Classroom Management, this will be a good day for you. Wait times: Slowing down may be a way of speeding up!

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After the rules are decided upon, you may want to have the students sign a copy of them and display them. But you are not supposed to hurt others physically under any circumstances. For example, transitioning between activities. Broaden it to a week.

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During the first days of school, teacher Mary Gambrel involves her students in creating their classroom rules. We set clear expectations on what is appropriate behavior for our students. Classroom Rules Consequences Boswell Public School. It is important to plan ahead.

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It is the responsibility of students to come to class after completing the daily home works and assignments. For students in high school, arriving to class on time becomes a predominant issue. Students needed to your end to keep in classroom policies for elementary teacher! What do I do next?

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Some teachers have bathroom passes that students must take when they leave or charts to track who is gone when. Determination of the outdoor activities will be decided by the building principal. Bullying of any kind is unacceptable at our school. We appreciate your support.

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Once outside, everyone is expected to stand quietly and wait for the announcement to come back into the building. Boys and girls, please shout out the answer to this question if you know it. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website.

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There should not be any deeds from your side that pave the way for insulting others or that put them down. An analysis of the implementation and impact of the activities in the plan. Cancel all outside activities and direct students and staff to get into the school.

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Faculty members have the authority to manage their classrooms to ensure an environment conducive to learning. Then I take it to the local copy center and have it reduced to notebook size. See above for times of the year you might want review procedures as a whole group. SET ARTICLE NUMBER PROPERTY this.

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We need to be selective when choosing that small handful of rules because those will need to be enforced. You can integrate more sophisticated routines into your classroom gradually. Rules have consequences, and routines have reminders. These ideas are great.

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Take good care of the book; when you are finished, return the book to the basket and check it off the list. When leaving a room, feel the door with the back of your hand before opening it. To respond, raise your hand and wait to be recognized. Come to class prepared.