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Outside Boston, in Arlington, Massachusetts, a state Water Resources Authority worker collapsed into a snowbank while shoveling snow and ice and died.

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MSCHF is using a Boston Dynamics robot for a controversial art piece. Boston residents the right to park in designated University facilities. Boston Public Schools will be closed Tuesday. Residents may experience power outages, he added. More Info from the Water Dept.

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Thank goodness i was able, snow emergency parking space savers are closed. If you found this article of interest, please consider sharing it. All public roadways are closed to the general public. Boston as well as on Cape Cod and the Islands. Milford early education coordinator learned from.

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You should try to arrange a situation where they can work from home. Flurries and a few snow showers throughout the night. Market Basket, please know that it is not from us. Dorchester park last November.

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Sitting in a car while idling can be deadly if the tailpipe is blocked. Have a contractor check the roof to see if snow needs to be removed. Are you sure you have typed the correct hostname? Snow and ice cover the street in Bardstown, Ky. First snow reports just coming in.

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Authorities say a Ceres family woke up to an unknown man who had somehow gotten into their home, made himself a bowl of cereal, then fell asleep on a chair.

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Mayor Thomas Menino says the city is working with health care centers to offer free flu vaccines and also hopes to set up public locations where people can go for vaccinations.

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The MBTA is planning to run its regular weekday schedule on Tuesday. Check out the Flu Tracker on The Weather Channel App. Joshua Wayne Biddle of Washington, North Carolina.

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Philadelphia public and parochial schools will be closed on Tuesday. In southern Indiana, roads were covered and slick early Thursday. More error details may be in the browser console. Biden for swift action on a disaster declaration. Shovelcorners on your street.