Mortgage Guidelines Cheat Sheet

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Net Effective Rent calculation varies among markets, but usually takes into account the Starting Rent, Rent Escalations, Free Rent, TI, and total lease term. Make social media compliance a breeze for your sales teams by providing them with this quick reference Cheat Sheet for Loan Officers. Federal or State agency.

Having earned income is a requirement for contributing to a traditional IRA, and your annual contributions to an IRA cannot exceed what you earned that year. Being organized before you apply for your mortgage can make the process go more smoothly but you should always be prepared for delays due to unexpected issues. As outlined the guidelines are very basic since there is no credit qualifying; and could make an excellent source of additional income for seniors on fixed income. Video Tutorial on how to submit underwriting conditions to LION, including how to split large PDF documents into individual documents. How soon can you refinance?

In December I promised to be giving updates on the new HARP refinance programs as details emerge, and so being good to my word I am returning to the subject. Hope everyone is staying busy. FHA questions and answers. Please enter a valid phone number. Check the links below.

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  • Lenders must provide borrowers with the GFE within three business days of receiving the loan application.
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