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Punitive or exemplary damages are awarded beyond the actual loss and are intended to punish the wrongdoer and to deter similar conduct by others.

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If one of the elements is missing, is the error one of omission, usually requiring a request to preserve error, or one of commission, which usually requires an objection to preserve error?

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Remember that sometimes simply objecting does not go far enough to preserve error, and that the processes involved in voir dire and the jury charge are particularly complicated.

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Although the rules allow for any person to be deposed, interrogatories for admission may be directed only to parties. The jury, because it is an ad hoc body, may have more courage than the judge. This is not an easy means of obtaining a new trial.

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The purpose of severence is to avoid prejudice, to promote convenience, or to permit greater expedience and economy. The unfairness of the dual approach suggested by the above cases ismanifest. The change is one of terminology only and not of substance.

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The court will strike out a claim only in the clearest of cases, where it is plain and obvious that the case cannot succeed. At the conclusion of rebuttal, the court will ask if both parties rest and close. Responses must be set out in the format provided by Mass.

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