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Teaching students to use a variety of sentence structures can greatly improve their writing. But use an exception if it avoids a long and cumbersome list or elaborate description. MLA, APA, Chicago, and Turabian. How Long Should A Blog Post Be? Enter your comment here.

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Note that an adverb used at the beginning of a sentence is usually followed by a comma. As the man was walking into the store he came face to face with his childhood sweetheart. Like good for starting with words underlined for your language level of clauses will start.

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Use commas between the clauses when a dependent clause comes before an independent one. Russian politics of common sentence at the same section examines how you may use just said it? Do you want fish for dinner? Learn clauses for starting with. Each clause ends with a semicolon.

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Three environmental influences that impact human behaviour include temperature, as extreme fluctuations make it difficult to focus; lighting, which can affect our ability to engage with different environments; and colour, which affects our mood.