Handbook Of Workability And Process Design

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The corresponding contour map with numbers representing constant efficiency of power dissipation. Since the material behavior is both dynamic and stochastic, these criteria should be regarded as probabilistic indicators of the behavioral trends exhibited by a material during hot working. Chlorine is also used in bleaching and for treating municipal and industrial water supplies, and this use will probably continue. For short intervals were impossible.

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The prediction of the shape of the friction hill is one of the principal aims of rolling theory, but few theories predict the shape of the friction hill and the distribution of shear stresses in full agreement with actual measurements.

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For given conditions of lubrication and temperature and for given die and workpiece materials, m is usually considered to have a constant value independent of the pressure at the interface. Part Shape and Complexity.

The knowledge, then, to be gleaned from damage predictions is where the most critical areas during thermomechanical processing are and how could an adjustment of the processing parameters reduce the probability of failure.

The variability of such factors is less likely at hot working temperatures because of the dynamic restorative processes that may prevent sharp textures from being formed.

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