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Descriptive statistics are used to describeeneral characteristics of a set of data. When there are different but equally well supported conclusions, each could be presented with a summary of their strengths and weaknesses. The definitions are listed alphabetically.

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The education and behavior change that comes from the report are outcomes, and measuring them may communicate how valuable the report was. Use Existing Data or Collect New Information? This information is often called baseline data.

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Used to help managers understand the extent of the problem or need which exists and to set realistic goals and objectives in response to such problem or need.

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This information will contribute toward interpreting the outcome results of the study, and will be invaluable in providing a template of the intervention for future dissemination.

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Process evaluation is increasingly recognized as an important component of effective implementation research and yet, there has been surprisingly little work to understand what constitutes best practice. National Institute of Standards and Technology. Victims of evaluation analysis?

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Other types of data depend on outside sources, such as clinic and DHS data. It also offers a range of exercises and examples focused on the development of a logic model that reflects the underlying theory of change.