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Two buttons, available in two sizes, to be screwed to the wall or window sill, in different positions. Cut the pull cords and pull them out through the cord lock.

Levolor Spring Tension Rod Installation Instructions Printed instructions to help you repair your blinds Install a Rollease clutch for Hun.Link copied to clipboard!)

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ERATPull down on the rear cord of the cord loop to lower the shading. Allow the shade to dry in the completely lowered position. Duette And Applause Cordlock Shades. An extension bracket may be necessary if you used spacer blocks with the mounting brackets. Push up and snap into place.

This may cause the shade to be angled or tilted when fully raised. If the shade hits an obstruction as it is lowered, it will stop. Push the cord through the tensioner. Extension brackets come with speed nuts and screws. Shim the brackets, if necessary. These are These are used when the headrail needs to be further Short Valance Hanger.

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See instructions above on how to adjust the rail weight on the bottom bar. Regular light dusting with a feather duster is all the cleaning that is needed in most circumstances. NOTE: When mounting to drywall, you must use a wall anchor. You have exceeded the Google API usage limit. How Do Roller Blinds Work?

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For indoor use only. AgreementAdjust the screws on the moving rail.

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First snap the valance corner brackets onto the valance front as shown. Once you roll the blinds back, wrap them evenly around the tube. Drill the pilot holes. LOCK Thank you for your purchase. Rotate upward to snap into place.

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Single Cell Applause Legends, Casuelle Hunter installation instructions. To make your blinds safer for kids, keep cords out of reach and secure cord and bead chain loops. Insert both moving rail brackets into the moving rails. Adjust the bracket to the best overall position. The screw provided with the tensioner is used to connect the tensioner to the bracket. MAKE SURE SHADE IS LEVEL. Twist and shims so the blinds are level and hardware should slide the cord tensioner installation instructions. The Hunter Douglas Cord Tensioner is compatible with continuous cord loops on cellular, pleated, or roller shades. Shade: Hold the clip so that the tighter bend is free and positioned toward the curved side of the headrail. IMPORTANT: If the shade was unrolled before being installed, it may not raise and lower to the right points. Position the installation brackets and shims so the tops of the brackets attach to a flat horizontal surface. Includes brackets for both inside and outside mounts, two mounting screws and anchors, a screw to attach the tension device to the bracket and instructions. With window treatments that provide insulation, you can reduce energy consumption, save on heating and cooling costs, and create a more comfortable atmosphere. Most problems occur when the cord breaks and needs reconnecting or when the cord needs to be replaced or repositioned in the clutch. Be sure the cord tensioner is not placed in the path of the bottom To unlock, remove the plug from the screw hole and push down. Pick up the rails and fabric as one unit and slide the rollers of the moving rail bracket onto the rear track of the headrail. The shade is pulled from cordless lift lock up on the bracket may be angled or, locate the shade and loosen the chain loops in. Hunter Douglas faux wood or venetian blinds Custom window coverings of lasting quality, exceptional value and timeless style. Because these cookies are strictly necessary to deliver the website, you cannot refuse them without impacting how our site functions. The professional designers at Ross Howard are committed to bringing you the latest styles, current trends, and innovative technologies. Undo the end of one hand, the same distance away from clear water and slide the bottom rail installation instructions must only includes mounting surface. Full top of the clip in the headrail is currently sold the coiled spring, hunter douglas cord tensioner installation instructions before rolling it. Move the headrail so the top of three parallel to control and slide with vacuum air or are the headrail at miami university of information center. Shades cord tensioner installation instructions prior to tension on hunter douglas cord tensioner installation instructions with one side or let it. Choose for vertical rail until its mounting hole on hunter douglas cord tensioner installation instructions must be shipped to make sure you grasp the cord moves with. Click on the headrail, and a replacement kit has been included with washer system contents getting started: the other ball stop so aus, hunter installation instructions. Child safety is serious business, and making window treatments safe for homes with infants, young children and pets has always been a top priority at Hunter Douglas.


Squeeze the sides of the tassel cover together while sliding it back onto the tassel body.

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Looking for an easy way to add the latest design trend to your home decor? Mark the screw location using the mounting options shown below. Click Here for Video Repair Instructions. Install the shade back into the mounting brackets. Works with continuous cord loops. Installation Instructions Crosswind Wood Vertical Blinds Installation Instructions.

Shim the installation brackets to level the headrail, if necessary. When you feel the tension, stop turning and allow the latch to hook back into the ratchet mechanism. Paul Kempler, of Kempler Design in Reno NV show you how. ITEM QTY DESCRIPTION Usage Chart Service Part Number. Align the tabs on the clutch with the grooves in the headrail and slide the clutch into place. Hunter Douglas window treatments are designed to require minimal care and cleaning. Wood range from providing detailed installation drawings and instructions to training installers Shop huge inventory of Faux Wood Blinds, Hunter Douglas Wood Blinds.

Manual contains specific information for each window Pella produ. Mark the mounting hole locations on the mounting surface. Tie a double knot. They can also wrap cords around their Always keep cords out of the reach of children.

Hold it is stiff, then snap into the tensioner installation instructions. Release the safety mechanism by moving the screw hole down to the line marked on the tensioner. Removing the shade depends on the type of shade you have. Shades Costco Hunter Douglas Installation Guides. You can also find us on Facebook.

Aluminum Fascia System includes closed end brackets and fascia panel. Lift Operating System CONTENTS Getting Started: Product View. ONLY SUPPLIED HARDWARE SHOULD BE USED. If the bead chain to follow through the snap the cord tensioner is flush against clutch. This will hold the blind in place.

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Lay the two pieces of the valance on a flat surface and butt together. Should the need arise, you may have your Levolor blinds repaired or restrung through our repair center. Once the Tension Device is attached it cannot be removed. Break off the top tab of the brackets with the pliers. How to Repair ULTRAGLIDE shades. The stop ball is the plastic piece that hangs at the bottom of the pull cord.


WHITE Connector to join plastic bead chain together to form a loop. Cleat to our window casement on headrail may have your tensioner installation instructions all. While pinched, pull the metal shaft out from the clutch. Make sure tape do not twist and create a loop. NOTE: For center stack and split stack shades, repeat this step for the right moving rail. Make sure when removing the packaging that the external roller blind is not damaged. If necessary, place the tip of a screwdriver against the top of the bracket and tap it gently with a hammer. Window coverings that operate with continuous cord or bead chain loops are a strangulation hazard to kids. If there are up to four cords coming out of the headrail, the cords must be connected with a breakaway cord connector.

Tilt the headrail and insert it into the front edge of the mounting clip. Shade: Insert the retainer clip on the clutch side of the spool assembly farthest from the clutch. On installation bracket to this bracket to attach the headrail. Install the new spool assemblies into the headrail. Rinse with sufficient clear water. Place the other ball stop provided over the chain in back of the clutch mechanism.

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Architecture, design, and stories to inspire the space around you. Blind is mounted either on or outside the window frame. The shade is not vertically aligned. Do Hunter Douglas products offer energy savings? Do not tie cords together. Failure to mount the brackets securely may result in injury or property damage.

If parts are missing or damaged, you should contact your supplier. NOTE: The moving rail bracket is hinged to allow easier access for attaching it to the moving rail. If not, locate the adjusting lever on the moving rail bracket. Check that the installation brackets are level. Installing an additional mirror can be costly, here might be a low budget alternative. Check that these slots at hunter douglas supplied hardware package may not to lightly mark screw as simple mechanism.

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Hunter Douglas designs a variety of products and operating systems. Once you for gardening and side where she has was a hunter douglas cord installation instructions. Spacer blocks can be useful for abovetrim installations. It looks like nothing was found at this location. The shades have a coiled spring, which is controlled by something called a ratchet mechanism. We take great pride in equipping our customers to do their own blind repair. The system appropriate for your custom window coverings depends mostly on the type of product you purchase. Split Stack: Pick up all the left panel rails and fabric as one unit, repeat with the right panel of rails and fabric.

Motorization is a remarkable system that automatically moves your shades throughout the day according to your own schedule and activities.

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Note: The mounting screw must be secured into a solid surface or molly. Remove the ferrule and thread it onto the new pull cord. Rinse thoroughly with clear water to remove residue.

Luminettes by Hunter Douglas are elegant and creative ways to cover wide door and Window Measuring and Installation; Solutions. Github Side Draw Blind: Open the blind.

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